About me…

I am long-term watch enthusiast. Over the years I owned about 100 watches from all price ranges. My credo: Emotion is everything, when it comes to watches. Yes, there are bad watches, yes, there are cheap watches, yes there are luxury watches. But the joy and pride of the owner is all that counts, no matter the price.

So what can you expect? First of all photos (see also my Instagram account mpbene6110). Then some reviews. Then some opinions on watches that I didn’t have the time to make a review.

You will notice in no time, that Seiko is my favorite watch brand. I like the history, the value-for-money in every price range and … well maybe… I am bit Japan biased. But nethertheless I own other watches from other brands, German and Swiss. So it’s not only Japan.

A word about wristshots: Have in mind, that watches often appear bigger in wristshots because of short distance and wide angle lenses. My wrist is about 17,5 cm


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