Seiko SPB089: The true Story about the Blue Alpinist (really!)

Everyone reading my blog knows Seiko is my favorite watch brand. I really love the history, the innovations and the value for price. And sometimes I am angry people write stupid stuff about the brand (well it’s not the only brand…). They believe they know much better how to design an watch than the world’s biggest watch company. The watches are too expensive or to affordable, too big or too small, to limited or too common. The time Seiko released the SPB089 Blue Alpinist and sold them via the Hodinkee online store I heard many, many complaints about this watch. Especially after prices skyrocketed on Ebay.
So I decided to write a persiflage about Seiko lancing this limited edition…I hope you like it!

So let’s talk about my Blue Alpinist. Matter of fact, I know the real and true story behind this watch from secret sources…it’s as true as my Grandma’s moustache!

Part 1: A secret meeting in Japan

The Seiko watchmaking company, as everybody knows almost bankrupt had called a secret meeting in a teahouse in Tokio. How could they get back into the press news and the blogs? Everybody is angry about launching the SLA019 and SLA012 Marinemaster without “Marinemaster” on the dial – there are no posts and blogs about Seiko anymore since a few months.

A young employee had a bold idea:
“We still have 1959 dials of this discontinued Alpinist SARB017. We could paint them blue and release them as a limited edition. Off course painting dials is difficult, but my brother-in-law works in a painting company, he can dot the job. Doesn’t have to be perfect, I guess…”
“That’s an interesting idea, but how do we sell this freak watch?”
“We make it a US-only edition. There is this company, Hidenkoo or something like that. They sell everything about watches, even those old rusted Rolexes, maybe…”
“Yes, let’s try this. Because it’s your idea, you do the job. If you fail….seppuku!”

Part 2: A transpacific telephone call

“Hello, is this Hidenkoo? This is Seiko…maybe you have heard about us…the company with the watches”
“That’s great! But it’s Hodinkee, please. How can we help you?”
“We are planning a limited edition of the Seiko Alpinist. Only 1959 pieces, selling in your online shop. Is that ok? Please…”
“That’s great! We can sell everything. Your opinion about the price of this strange piece?”
“Well, it’s made of spare parts. Was cheap to built. How about 400 USD?”
“That’s great! Forget this price, we sell them for 600 USD. We are Hodinkee, you know?
“Well, ok, 600 USD…”
“That’s great! Send us this freaks, we care for everything else.

Part 3: A talk between boomers

Like always, some boomers were informed about this call. They gathered together in a dirty motel in The Bronx talking about how many watches they will buy as a preorder and sell for a higher price. Normally they take at least 100 watches, but in this case there is much more uncertainty as usual. A watch made of spare parts? How stupid must one be to buy something like this even for a regular price? Only one of them – the only one who is a watch expert – wants to buy a minimum of hundred watches.
“This is a great piece, iconic design, a fantastic colour, a modern and reliable movement, they will sell for at least 1,000 USD!”
The others don’t believe him. They order 20 watches.

Part 4: An American dialogue

“Boss, I talked with this strange Japanese company about this Blue Alpinist. We sell them for 600 USD, 400 USD is our profit.”
“Man, I hope we succeed with this strange story. Tomorrow we – YOU! – will start the campaign. Call the photograph!”
“Ooops…we don’t have a watch right now. Shit. Ok, no problem, we take the SARB017 and Photoshop will do the remaining. The dial is…I think blue.”
“Blue? What kind of blue? And how about the case?”
“The case is polished, I think. Oh no, it’s matted. Yes. No, polished. I’m not really sure.”
“Ok, ok. Start the campaign. After that – you’re fired.”

Part 5: The night like no other

Hodinkee starts advertising and selling.
45 minutes later the watch is sold out.
One of the boomers suffers a heart attack.


The fired employee tries to spread some facts about the watch like the dials are not very well made, the work of a second class painter. No one believes him.
The Hodinkee management is counting the money and ordering some new Teslas.
Seiko releases the reissue of the Willard.

Alpinist in natural habit
Processed With Darkroom

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