The Red Side of Life – Seiko Shogun Zimbe Red (SPB099)

Dear friends,

Today I want to introduce you to my new addition, a Seiko Shogun. But a very special Shogun: the Zimbe Shogun Red (SPB099). I was thrilled when I saw the first picures, but the price was too high for me…for two days. Then I could not resist this red dial. A red dial I had not in my collection and I also have a soft spot for well made LEs (see my Blue Alpinist).

What does Zimbe mean:
“Zimbe” is the name Seiko gave the Thailand Limited Editions, special editions that are sold only in Thailand and come in very few pieces, in this case, only 500 were manufactured.
Zimbe comes from the Japanese word for whale shark: Zimbe Zame. To meet a whale shark is one dream of a diver. These fish are extremely rare in Asia. Since I am not a diver, I can not tell, what it is to meet a whale shark. The whale shark logo can be found on the box, on a hangtag and on the back of the watch . Zimbe watches are generally very popular collector’s items, they sell out fast and prices move rapidly. The Shogun Red is the eleventh Zimbe.

Why is this Zimbe red:
The colors are reminiscent of the ceremonial armor of a Samurai – even if the watch is not a Samurai, but a Shogun. Shogun is the leader of the samurai, for centuries, Japan was in fact ruled by a Shogun. The common Seiko Shogun is only available with a black dial, but there was a Zimbe Shogun before with a black and blue dial.

A word on Titan:
The Seiko Zimbe Shogun is made of titanium, which is a love because of the low weight for some collectors and a hate for others for the same reason. Many – including me until a few months – connect a subjectively lower quality impression. I can reassure the skeptics: the impression of quality is top notch and hard to beat in the price league, I think the macros speak for themselves. Sharp (but not rough), clear edges, fine brush cut, precise processing, everything was great! Japan is the leading country for precision titanium processing (my titanium glasses from a traditional Swiss manufacturer are also “Made in Japan”) and Seiko here has particular expertise. This shows, for example, also the new Prospex LX line.

And what movement is in it?
In the watch works the 6R15D, the latest edition of the 6R15. In accuracy and stability of the rate in individual positions significantly improved over previous versions.

Red Zimbe with Zimbe Hangtag